What are wide angle lenses?

What are wide angle lenses?

A wide angle lens gives you a larger view of the foreground.  This is because the focal length of a wide angle lens is shorter than a focal length of a normal lens. Wide angle lens also influences the perspective of the shot. It depends completely on the location relative to the subject.

Let’s presume you are composing the shot of a pup, you are focusing on the pup which is in the foreground, right?  Now the background turns blurry, when you use wide angle lens.  The distance is compressed. See this example here.

100 words

Actually this is a post that I wrote when I came across a project on one of  the freelance sites, that I thought was challenging.  It was  challenging for two reasons.  One, I had to write about a technical aspect – a wide angle lens and two, in one hundred words.  Though I love photography it is limited to just admiring a good picture.  I wrote this post to let know the potential client that I am capable of handling these kind of projects too.  They involve research and I believe the client deserves the best effort.

A sample web résumé

Anil Rao
Albright University

Box C-23123

Cambridge, MA 02138


[email protected]




To contribute my education and health management skills in a position with a growing and dynamic firm.

Albright University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, May 2003
Major: Health Sciences
Minor: Management

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology I
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology II
  • Health Policy
  • Organizational Analysis and Health Care
  • Health Care Management
  • Human Resource Management


  • Served as Assistant to the Director of the Stacey G. Houndly Breast Cancer Foundation.
  • Functioned as Public Health Representative for the Cambridge Area Public Health Administration.
  • Coordinated, Harvard University Public Health Awareness Week, 1996, 1997.


  • Served as a phone-a-thon caller on several occasions, soliciting donations from Harvard alumni and parents for Harvard University.
  • Volunteered for a political campaign, distributing literature door to door, fielding questions and making phone calls to local constituents.


  • Handled all back-office management functions, including employee relations and accounting.
  • Oversaw client relations, order processing and routine upkeep of the business.
  • Coordinated efforts between customer needs and group personnel.
  • Designed all market research analysis and projects for our client.
  • Delegated suggestions and duties to other team members.
  • Presented market research results to client with suggestions of implementation.


  • Participated in Youth Leadership Boston, a group dedicated to developing leadership skills through diverse programming.
  • Served as formal/social coordinator for my sorority program council.
  • Elected Vice President of Risk Management for Panhellenic, a group that oversees and coordinates educational programming for Harvard’s Greek system.


  • Microsoft Office
  • HTML/Web Publishing
  • WordPerfect
  • PageMaker

* This is a sample résumé format.