Bloodhound, the tracker dog

Bloodhounds have extraordinary sense of smell and are great trackers.  Extremely efficient at pursuing scents often leading them to their quarry hundreds of miles away.  This breed has its traces from about 600 BC and is believed to be descendent of St Hubert Hound.

The Bloodhound has an amazing sense of smell.  A purebred can detect, identify and process the scent emitted by just one or two cells. The construction of the nasal chambers of a Bloodhound’s nose is distinctive with unique placement of the olfactory receptor cells.  A typical Bloodhound has close to 4 billion receptor cells that aid in mapping a pattern.   A human being has just a 100 million.  Researchers believe, the folds around its neck and the wrinkled flesh under its lips, help in holding the surrounding air, while the nose is busy  scenting.  They also believe his functional drooping ears help to trap, hold and absorb the surrounding air.  This helps the nose to lock on to the scent, identify chemical odours, and map solitary patterns.

Dogs are good friends to human beings.  Bloodhound definitely is one of the best suited to be a pet dog. Many agencies around the world prefer a Bloodhound to track criminals and assist in various investigations. They also realize it takes time to train a bloodhound.  Though an ideal family pet, like with all other pet dogs, someone should watch a Bloodhound, when he is around small kids.

Bloodhound the tracker

Bloodhound the tracker

A dog’s life span varies widely. Dogs of different breed’s median life span are between ten to 13 years. A study of the Bloodhound life span pegged it at about eight years.  With the help of proper diet and good exercise a Bloodhound’s median life span of eight years can be maximized further.  A good trainer who can design proper training routines can help the Bloodhound live longer.

A genteel breed, the Bloodhound is quite affectionate towards its owner. Bloodhound loves his ‘trainer’. Bloodhound, the best known tracking dog may be difficult to handle on a leash. His lively nature helps in beginning the training at a tender age of three months. Some trainers wait until he is eighteen months. Lavish praise subsequent to a given task usually after a successful tracking makes him extremely happy.

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Electronic Cigarette – Does it stop smoking?

Stop smoking

Hon Lik’s father was a smoker and could not stop smoking tobacco. He died of cancer caused by it. That broke the heart of young Hon Lik, a chain smoker like his dad. He wanted to quit smoking but his life was built around his nicotine oral fix. Somehow he had to get away from it. He made the first Ecig. He called his Ecig – “Ruyan”. In a Chinese dialect it literally means clean smoke.

Dr. Lennox Johnson says, “The best way to stop smoking is to stop smoking”. A reformed Scottish smoker he should know. In hi report published in the British medical journal Lancet, he suggests that to stop smoking you should first understand the psychology of smoking. Smoking tobacco is a way of announcing that you are a grown-up now. A smoker is also informing the world that he is sophisticated. It is an image that is carefully cultivated and very difficult to get away from.

Electronic Cigarrette - pic courtesy WikiMedia

Elsewhere, the Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin wrote in her report: “When individuals inhale cigarette smoke, either directly or secondhand, they are inhaling more than 7,000 chemicals: hundreds of these are hazardous, and at least 69 are known to cause cancer. The chemicals are rapidly absorbed by cells in the body and produce disease-causing cellular changes.”

So every puff hurts, not you but also the others around you. It is best to stop smoking. But then the design and the contents of the products are packaged attractively and promoted aggressively. You need a herculean motivation to stop smoking. Contrary to what people advise and believe in “cold turkey”, a stop smoking technique is quite difficult to practice. The first day is the most deadly and to pass that night would be “nightmarish.” That’s when most of them fall prey to the relapse.

The pill, the patch, the spray, the inhaler, the lozenges, the gum are some of the nicotine products that are regulated by the Federal Drug Law. The Federal Appeals court in Washington unanimously held up a the FDA’s injection against the Ecig. Now the Ecig, a battery powered tube that looks like a cigarette and, delivers a steam like a clean smoke, free from smoke, without combustion moved a step closer to complying with the law.

Electronic Cigarette or Ecig is a device that suits one who wants to quit smoking. Some manufacturers of Ecigs claim it to be harmless, successful alternative to tobacco cigarette and it is an ideal smoking cessation device for people who intend to stop smoking. For those who say that Ecig is addictive there is an answer. Ecig comes with electronic liquid (also called eliquid, vapor, vape etc.) which is without any dose of nicotine at all and its accompanying harmful ingredients. Ecig may not stop you smoking immediately but it may aid you in your motivation to stop smoking.

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Sandeep, take me to this url!

When you are on the net, there are many instances where you come across web URLs that you may visit.  You need to copy the url and then paste it in the address bar opening a new window or a tab to visit that site.  Sandeep Kothari came out with a solution.  He created a Firefox extension for folks like us.  His “Take Me To This URL” does precisely that. Once you install “Take Me To This URL” extension, all you have to do, when you come across a website text link is, select it and right click to show your context menu.  In the context menu you will find, “Take me to this URL”.  Point your cursor at it and click!  Bingo! The plain text URL to the selected website opens up either in a new tab or a window depending on your browser settings.

Click on the image to see detail.

Take me to this URL - Firefox Extension

Thank you, Sandeep for making life on the net easier!  🙂

You can download the Firefox extension “take me to this URL” here.

Download the latest Firefox here.

Peter F Drucker

Peter F Drucker
The Mahaguru of Management

This is an article on Peter F Drucker the great man, this issue of LIFE SKILLS, DIKSUCHI carried. Let us see how the readers appreciate it. An other thing this week they carried a little appreciationfrom a few readers from Nalgonda.

As to ePADAM their appreciation was nice in the sense that they did like the way I am introducing the concept of learning the words through images/pictures, and various other formats. I am yet to find a response to the Cross Word. Let us wait for some time. Hopefully they’ll pick it up.