What are Green Jobs?

Doesburger windmill, Ede, The Netherlands.Image via Wikipedia
Green jobs are jobs that are associated with initiatives and or activities that either directly or indirectly reduce the harm caused to the natural environment around us. These jobs are naturally with companies that are conscious of their social responsiveness.

There are also different types of Green Jobs. Let us for the sake of clarity divide them into two.

1 – This type of Green Job involves discharging duties and help reduce the harmful impact on the surrounding environment. In this job, one need not necessarily be in an eco-friendly industry.

2 – In this second type of Green Job, it involves a certain responsibility with a company or an institution that works towards reducing the harmful impact on the natural environment.

While in the first one, the individual discharges a certain duty that impacts and possibly reduces the harm caused to the environment, in the second instance it is an enterprise whose aim is to contain and possibly diminish environmental pollution or harm caused to it. In other words these entities improve the quality of the surrounding natural environment.

For example if you are looking at a company that is into harnessing wind turbine technology, we can say that this is an enterprise that is working towards reducing the dependence on fossil fuels and hence is green and eco-friendly. Therefore one who is pursuing this career is said to be in a Green Job.

For example, let us look at a person who earns his bread, repairing bicycles. This individual is helping us bring down our dependence on fossil fuels that drive our vehicles and therefore is contributing to keeping the environment around clean and sustainable. While this individual may be pursuing this job with the complete knowledge that it is a Green Job chances are until this moment even you may have not thought on those lines, that is, this is a Green Job!

So we can term any career that involves an eco-friendly technology and contributes to reducing carbon foot print on environment is a green job.

So if you are looking for a change look at a green job, in a green industry that is promising a bright and green future.

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